Automaic shudowns?

  • Freakazoid

    ok, thinking of running colinux on a machine that I occasionally just kick the power button to turn it off (literally, it sits on the floor next to my tv) and I was wondering how colinux would behave in this circumstance, would it power the linux install off gracefully before it dies?

    also, is there a way to get colinux as "low" priority by default? the box also does software mpeg-2 encoding as the box in question is my PVR box. (must run windows due to the capture card I use, if I could, i'd run linux on that in a heartbeat)

    • Henry N.
      Henry N.

      yes it is doable.  Edit the file /etc/inittab and change the mode for key CTRL-ALT-DEL on shutdown from '-r' (reboot) into '-h'.
      Windows sends this 'keys' to coLinux before it kills.

      Check all your shutdown scripts (the scripts with 'K99...' in your /etc/rc5.d) and remove delays from there.  Perhaps it is an good idea to create an private runlevel and load/unload only nessesery things to make the shutdown faster.

      Priority low should go with 'nice'.  Or change the task priority of colinux-daemon with the windows command, read "start.exe /?", I see BELOWNORMAL or LOW.