#189 Crash on coLinux start

v0.7.x (release)
Lorne Sturtevant

coLinix is crashing when it's starting. My machine is Windows xp SP3. The crash only occurs when using a PAE kernel. If PAE is disabled, then it will not crash. I am using the 0.7.9 release and the Debian-6.0.1-squeeze.7z image.

This crash is not consistent. I've created a little script that starts coLinux, waits, then kills it. It does this in a loop until it crashes. It will eventually crash, but it can be from as little as 10 tries upwards of 174 tries in the loop. I've attached the script, it's test.sh. I run this under cygwin. I've also tried this on two separate boxes, both are winxp sp3 without PAE. One box seems to crash quicker than the other, but they both eventually do it.

I've attached one of the minidump files. From examining the dump files in windbg, they all appear the same. The crash is in a thread that's not running linux.sys. It always crashes at the nt!MiFreeInPageSupportBlock+0x2a.

Let me know if there's any more testing/information I can gather to track this down.


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  • I ran your revized scripts and I got the same crash. Running /sbin/halt is a nice way to get around the killing of the program.

    In all the crashes I've had, it's not from shutting down coLinux. It only crashes when starting it.

    Also, crashes as soon as colinux-daemon.exe is started. It doesn't even have to boot linux. For instance, in the test.sh script, if I change it to this:


    while true; do
    echo "Executing $count"
    echo "$count" > count.txt
    # ./colinux-daemon.exe @squeeze.conf
    ./colinux-daemon.exe kernel=vmlinux

    This still crashes windows. Here, it's not even properly booting the squeeze image, it's just starting the kernel. I was able to reproduce this crash after 2, 18 and 44 runs through the script.

    One thing I noticed, you mentioned you tested this on Windows XP SP2. I'm running SP3 on this machine. That could make a difference. I think all of the machines I've tried to test on have SP3 machines. I'll try and get an SP2 machine to test on as well.

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