#105 Several bridged networking troubles with v0.6.4


I recently installed latest 0.6.4 colinux version on
my computer, replacing an older 0.6.2 (working
perfectly btw).

I spent half a day trying to understand why
networking on my (bridged) eth0 interface was
sometimes and randomly:
- strongly limited,
- damned slow, or even
- non existent (eth0 couldn't even mount)

After uninstalling v0.6.4, then reinstalling v0.6.3,
all troubles disapeared immediately and bridged
networking worked again very well.

OS: XP sp2
colinux: 0.6.3(ok) <- 0.6.4(ko)
network: eth0 (pcap-bridge) + eth1 (tuntap)
distro: Debian-3.0r2 std


  • Henry N.
    Henry N.

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    Version 0.6.4 and newer uses an other search to matching the name you given for ethernet device. Some older versions used substrings and don't checks the complete name after it.

    A good idea is to rename the real Ethernet card without spaces in name (for example from "Local Network" into "LAN-Ethernet") and give the full name to the colinux config. And also Rename the TAP devive into other name as "Local Network 1". That is ugly becaus your name given as "Local Network" would also match the TAP device. Good name for TAP is "TAP-coLinux". That would never match other names. ;-)

    On booting watch the outputs in the line "conet-bridged-daemon: listening on: ... " and verify the right name there.

    You should give coLinux 0.7.x a try. There "Local Network" and "Local Network 1" would also usable. The full name match has more priority as the substring match.

  • Henry N.
    Henry N.

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