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Gathering of the clans

We're just about ready to release 1.0, in my judgement.

I'd like input into the outstanding tasks minimally necessary to get to this point.

I'd also like (sometime) to have a bit of a jam of the interested parties on Xao (telnet 7777 for lurkers) sometime in the next ... say week?

AFAIK, we just need to package up the chaos/test stuff so an idiot like me can run it, and we're pretty much there.... read more

Posted by Colin McCormack 2002-04-07


OpenC++ 2.5.10 is now sufficiently far along for us to not have to use our hacked version. A deb is in

Posted by Colin McCormack 2000-11-15

Network classes

We have the following network classes in layer1:
Server() - listener for connections, can generate Connections.
Connection() - generalised connection (inbound and outbound, for named pipes, ip connections and pty connections (ie: running programs.)
FConnection() - forwarding Connections which merely forward events to other objects
BConnection() - buffering forwarding Connections which buffer input and output and forward events.... read more

Posted by Colin McCormack 2000-11-07

File class

We now have a File class, built on g++'s fstream, capable of binary and text.

Anyone want to document it for me?

Posted by Colin McCormack 2000-10-22


Integration between layer1 and the raw C++ is complete, but as yet untested.

builtin->call(nargs, ...) should call the builtin with the nominated args. There's a Slot occ wrapper to automatically count args for you, so it's normally slot->call(...)

I'll test it, in situ, when I'm feeling braver, but it works in vitro (in my test/ setup, outside coldstore.)

We'll have to work on a (de)mangler to make it really useful.... read more

Posted by Colin McCormack 2000-08-05

Regexp class

We've got a Regexp class, based on libpcre (PERL like regexps)
Under Chaos:
"([0-9]+)-([0-9]+)" regexp "0123456789-9876543210" /
"(.*)abc(.*)" regexp "xyzabc123" /
do what you'd expect (return a List of matches.)

Posted by Colin McCormack 2000-08-05