Adam Tauno Williams

"WebDAV Implementation Notes" "User Agent Management" CalDAV CardDAV


"Vista" search is a simple REST protocol, accessed simply by HTTP GET operations, for performing keyword/term searches of the OpenGroupware Coils server. Client/Custom applications can implement Vista functionality with nothing more than the ability to parse JSON and perform HTTP requests.

SMTP Clients

Mail clients, or any application that sends mail via SMTP [or by proxy through an SMTP server] can submit content to the OpenGroupware Coils server if the SMTP Listener has been configured and is enabled. The SMTP Listener](SMTPListener) allows for invocation of workflow routes by sending mail, the automatic capturing of attachments to documents, etc...

CardDAV / CalDAV / WebDAV Clients


Microsoft Windows


Apple Mac OS/X

Apple IOS

  • CalDAV : CalDAV sync capability
  • Are there straight WebDAV clients for IOS?



  • [Cadaver] : Command line WebDAV navigator.
  • [JGroupDAV] : Component used in Funambol GroupDAV sync.
  • [curl] : Everyone knows what curl is.
  • [LibreOffice] : The most powerful and feature-complete suite of office applications ever created.
  • [CyberDuck] : A multi-protocol resource browser for cloud storage.
  • [WebDAV Sync] : A Java utility for sychnronization with a WebDAV collection.
  • [CalDAV Tester] : A Python script for testing CalDAV servers.

RPC Clients

These clients are specific to OpenGroupware Coils and utilize the server's RPC interfaces; either XML-RPC or JSON-RPC

  • GUI
    • [Imbolc] - A Python Gtk# application for managing tasks.
  • Web
    • n/a
  • CLI
    • [Snurtle] - A general purpose command-line shell for interacting with the server.


[AttachFS] is a REST protocol that provides for basic operations to be performed easily using scripting languages or a variety command line tools such as wget and curl. Document entity applications specifically should consider using the [AttachFS] protocol.

Other Clients

This is a list of non-standard protocol clients it may be interesting to support when / if possible. These clients are, or will be, supported via application specific protocol bundles.

  • Tasque - A multi-protocol To-Do manager.
  • Tomboy - A personal wiki application with sync capabilities.
  • Mozilla Sync - Mozilla applications allow preferences, history, bookmarks, etc... to by syncronized with a sever via an 'open' protocol.


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