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0.1.46 Released

OpenGroupware Coils 0.1.46 uploaded to PyPI and SourceForge. New support for extended XSLT, smarter user-agent management, and improved document management. Several new OIE actions for integration with CIFS and FTP file services.

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2012-01-26

Introducing Vista Search

In the latest 0.1.45rc is the new Vista search module. Read about it at This is fast full-text search of your groupware entities.

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2012-01-06

SQLAlchemy 0.7.4 Compatibility

Looks like there is a compatibility issue with SQLAlchemy 0.7.4 and how OpenGroupware Coils is defining joined-table entities. So stick to 0.7.3. Investigating how to resolve the issue.

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2012-01-06

ANNOUNCING "snurtle"

The snurtle project, hosted on SourceForge, provides a command line interface for working with an OpenGroupware Coils server. Just search SourceForge for "snurtle".

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2011-08-16

OpenGroupware Coils 0.1.43 Released

OpenGroupware Coils 0.1.43 has been uploaded to SourceForge and PyPI. Improved WebDAV implementation and enhanced zOGI functionality. New features include XLS import capabilities and user/team management OIE actions. Projects can now be organized into hierarchies.

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2011-08-16

0.1.40rc15 & new edition of WMOGAG uploaded.

A new edition of WMOGAG (Administrator's Guide) has been uploaded - we've now reached 300 pages - as well as a new 0.1.40 release candidate.

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2011-05-23

OpenGroupware Coils 0.1.40rc12 Released

A new version of OpenGroupware Coils has been uploaded to SourceForge and PyPI. Latest improvements include enhancements to the SMTP listener and a new mailBlastAction for generating email to the Contact's assigned to a collection (with mail merge and unsubscribe link support). Presenting a Collection in WebDAV is now optional.

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2011-05-05

BLOB Management nearly complete

In the current default branch documents can be created and update via Logic and via the WebDAV presentation; this supports the database-backed (aka DBFS1) project document store an the notes document store. A new "attachment" document storage manager is nearly complete for allowing attachments to any first class entity such as the attachments support for memos and appointments by some CalDAV / GroupDAV clients such as GNOME Evolution. ... read more

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2011-03-07

Visual Workflows Via CalDAV

OIE processes can now be visualized via any CalDAV client - see your workflows on a calendar. Screenshot at
This feature added in OpenGroupware Coils 0.1.40rc4.

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2011-01-05

0.1.40rc1 Uploaded

Version 0.1.40 release candidate 1 has been uploaded to PyPI and Sourceforge. Numerous fixes and enhancements including support for really-huge (>3Gb) OIE workflow messages.

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2010-12-15

OpenGroupware Coils 0.1.38rc7

OpenGroupware Coils 0.1.38rc7 has been uploaded to PyPI - we are well on the road to 0.1.38.

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2010-11-17

OpenGroupware Coils Hacking Session

OpenGroupware Coils hacking session Nov. 4th 19:00 - 22:00 EDT. Meetup on the Freenode "ogo" channel. Don't forget to join the mailing list -

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2010-11-04

OpenGroupware Coils 0.1.37 released

Some new features but most importantly improved HTTP handling and many bugfixes.
New features include:
JSON OSSF now has a "count" mode. This returns the count of items matching the prescrided "path" in the JSON data. The resulting content type will be "text/plain".
OIE Map Macros are now successfully discovered and loaded. A JSON representation of the descriptors for available macros can be retrieved via a request for "/dav/Workflow/Maps/.macros".
New OIE action fixMicrosoftTextAction implemeneted to clean data streams of Microsoft's codepage's special characters and replace them with a similair ASCII character.
Improved support for HTTP/1.1 and an addition of an HTTP/1.0 fallback for HTTP/1.0 only clients.
Drop requirement for the "cgi" python module.
contact::get-upcoming-birthdays works (again).
Fixed FileAccessManager so File (document) objects should now properly appear in the WebDAV presentation.
Expanded number of recognized MIME types.
* More robust serialization of company values.

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2010-10-20

OpenGroupware 0.1.32 Released

Version 0.1.32 of OpenGroupware Coils has been released. With this version the master service now implements a watchdog that can detect, garbage collect, and restart failed components. Also new in this release is a much improved logging mechanism for workflow processes.

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2010-09-27

Version 0.1.26 released.

Greatly improved WebDAV implementation including enhancements to CalDAV support and support for GroupDAV v2. Fix the workflow scheduler that could prevent scheduled workflows from starting. Many vCard and vEvent (iCalendar) related bugs fixed.

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2010-08-24

OpenGroupware Coils 0.1.23 released

This release fixes numerous bugs; adds floor and ceiling filters to the delimited and fixed record file readers, and supports unauthenticated SMTP. There have also been numerous updates to the deployment instructions.

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2010-07-07

OpenGroupware 0.1.18 Released

ORM bugs fixed. Also custom modules can be loaded, and modules can be banned, via the coils-master-service script.

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2010-06-24

OpenGroupware 0.1.16 Released

OpenGroupware Coils 0.1.16 features RSS feed support, a fully-featured workflow scheduler, and support for asynchronous commands. Numerous bugs also squashed.

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2010-06-24

Version 0.1.12 Released

Version 0.1.12 has been released. This fixes a serious bug in compiling BPML that could cause the first action in an exception route not to be executed. Omphalos representation of File and Folder entities has been implemented. New Enterprise list, Contact list, and XPath document merge workflow actions

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2010-05-24

First bundled release uploaded

Version 0.1.6 alpha release of OpenGroupware Coils has been uploaded. This is an installable Python Egg.

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2010-05-03


OpenGroupware Coils components now use AMQP (RabbitMQ recommended) to communicate rather than the custom multiprocessing IPC scheme. This increases performance and reliability AND at the same time eliminates code.

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2010-04-28

WebDAV/GroupDAV support coming together.

vCard content can now be editied via the WebDAV presentation - using a combination like Nautilus & gedit! Changes will be preserved, including company values. Contacts can be deleted via WebDAV.

Next up: GroupDAV addressbook testing, Novell Evolution first.

Also some improvements to the XML representation of Omphalos entities to make XPath easier to use - addresses and telephones have a type element.

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2010-04-22

OIE Progress Report

Progress report for the OpenGroupware Integration Engine, a Python built workflow engine capable of compiling BPML, is available @ The engine is rapidly approaching general usefulness.

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2010-03-17