Release 0.1.49rc19

Whats new

  • The cursor factory method OIE SQL connection objects now accepts parameters and passed them on to the underlying DBAPI driver.
  • AttachFS does not reveal the type of an inaccessible entity if that entity is requested by id.
  • New SSHGetFilesIntoZipFileAction OIE action that requests a list of files from a host via SFTP and stashes those files into a ZIP archive.
  • New AppendToZIPFileAction OIE action that stashes a message as a file into a ZIP archive.
  • New messageToDocumentAction OIE action which stores the contents of a workflow message into a project document.
  • New coils-fix-unuided-contacts tool to generate CardDAV UID values for any Contant entity without a UID.
  • New coils-fix-clean-process tool which cleans up any unreferenced process markup from the process folder.
  • New coils-fix-clean-shelve-folder which cleans up any unreferenced shelves from the shelve folder.
  • Logic command process::get can retrieve processes by their GUID identity.
  • Table and footnote extensions enabled in the Wiki protocol bundle.
  • A ".ps" request to the /dav/Workflow folder now presents cancelled processes (status=X) with a state of "cancelled". [tickets:#107]
  • Logic command account::new supports setting a template user id and enforces requirement for a login string.


Tickets: #107

Posted by Adam Tauno Williams 2013-01-16