Start in System Tray?


  • Anonymous

    First off, nice app!!  Is there an argument to start the app in the system tray, or a chance of the shortcut properties "Run Minimized" option triggering it to startup in the system tray in the next rev.?

  • Steven Cole
    Steven Cole

    yes the above is planned for the next release I have done similar functions on a different program in VB .net .

    I am planing to have the program write a settings INI file when it closes.
    1. download threshold speed
    2. the selected adaptor's name
    3. start minimized

    the registry will contain
    1. start with windows

    The tricky bits are.
    1. making sure the settings get loaded correctly when the program starts
    2. fighting with UAC for access to write to the registry
    3. making sure that nothing stupid happens ie, the saved network adaptor is now disabled will the program crash?
    4. keeping the UI layout logical

    Thanks for the feedback :D

  • Hexaae

    AFAIK, the new style-guides from MS about UAC suggest to run a little Service: this will grant all admin rights to write to registry etc. It's a logical workaround to avoid disturbing UAC requester for admin required actions…