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First I want I say that Codestriker look very interesting
and cool. I am hoping to present Codestriker to my
manager nad have it implement at work.

i don't know Perl and have limited knowledge of setting
up Apache servers etc. ...so you may flame me if you

I am having trouble installing Codestriker (1.8.5). I
followed the instuctions outline in the manual. I am
installing I have Windows XP desktop, a Windows 2003
db server with SQL 2000.

I set you the ODBC for SQL as outline in the manual and
used windows aunthication. Let say hte server name is
db_server. I ran the checksetup.pl a couple
times...needed toget he template-tookkit and
DBD::ODBC packages. Then I ran checksetup.pl again
and it completed all the chack with a "ok: found vx.x" nd
createdd sever tables (ex topic..., topichistory...). I
assume this created hte Codestriker db. My question is
where was the db created? I looked of the db on the
server (db_server) but did not find it.

This is the first step...next setting up Apache...then
trying Codestriker.



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  • David Sitsky
    David Sitsky

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    I know this sounds obvious, and you realise this already,
    but the location of the database will be what you setup for
    your codestriker system datasource.

    If you edit your datasource configuration via the control
    panel, I am assuming the driver for your codestriker
    datasource is "SQL Server" in your case. The final part of
    the configuration (on Windows 2000 anyway) is a textfield
    labelled as "Which SQL Server do you want to connect to?"

    This should contain your db_server as a part of it.

    Is this the case?

    Don't worry about flames - more than happy to help out.

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    The "Which SQL Server do you want to connect to?" field of
    the ODBC connectiosn has the name of the db server. The
    thing is I do to see the Codestriker db in the Enterprise
    Manager for SQL 2000. Did need to tell the actual db name?

    Should I unstall (i.e. undo the codechecker.pl) and try
    again? If so, how do I "un-install".



    BTY. I am also looking at Cosestriker as part of my class
    project. The class project is to reasech for and find OS and
    freeware tools used in/for a Software Development Life Cycle.



  • David Sitsky
    David Sitsky

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    If you change the datasource specification in any way to
    refer to another database, then you should run checksetup.pl
    again, it will re-create the tables in the other database.
    There is no need to uninstall.

    If checksteup.pl succeeded, I would continue on to the next
    steps of the installation.

  • David Sitsky
    David Sitsky

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