#8 Scmbug And Test Director Integration


Hi David, just to follow up on the E-mail, I thought I'd post the diff file (against 1.9.2) here to make sure I don't lose it!

The attached diff file adds support for:

1) Test Director as a Bug Tracking System (http://www.mercury.com/us/products/quality-center/)

2) Support for ScmBug (http://www.mkgnu.net/?q=scmbug) when used with Bugzilla and test Director.

Addition 1:
In order to use the Test Director interface users will need to ensure that you have:
a) The Perl Win32::OLE package installed.
b) The Test Director "Mercury Quality Center System Test Remote Agent Add-in"
(Available from the Test Director Help->Add-ins menu).

Addition 2:
This enables users to input a bug ID and have the code files changed under that ID to be loaded into a Topic. (It makes use of the ScmBug comments that are added to the bug).

One other change I have made is so that if there is no web link to a defect set in the codestriker config file then just the bug ID is displayed without a link on the web pages.

Thanks, Rob


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  • David Sitsky
    David Sitsky

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