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Codestriker 1.6.1 released

Codestriker 1.6.1 has been released, with an example deployment available on sourceforge. Please check for connectivity details.

* Modified to use Net::SMTP to allow Codestriker to run under Windows,
and to not hardwire the mail sending program to "sendmail".

* Allow for the list/search topics and topic deletion to possibly be
disabled. This is required for a codestriker server which is
handling "anonymous" reviews on a public site. This option is set
from the codestriker.conf file.

* Added a "repository" attribute associated with a topic. This is the
source code repository associated with the review, and by default is
set to the value of $default_repository in codestriker.conf. This
can be an absolute path, which indicates the CVSROOT of a local cvs
repository, or a cvsweb or viewcvs URL, followed by a space,
followed by the CVSROOT. Other repository types, such as pserver
CVS, BitKeeper, or Subzero can be added in the future.

For example, when reviewing a codestriker change, the repository
would be set as: /cvsroot

For a local repository, it could be just:


* Allow for the view file screen to be disabled (allows viewing of an
entire file before and/or after a proposed change). On some
deployments (eg, the sourceforge servers), the firewall has been
setup so that CGI scripts can't perform any remote HTTP connections.
This option is set from the codestriker.conf file.

* Added a configuration flag to indicate that email addresses should
be displayed in an "anti spam" form. Eg: -> sits@use...

This is required for a public deployment of Codestriker.

* Created header and trailer templates which appear on every screen,
to assist in customising a site's look.

* The submit comment and submit topic screens where changed to use

* Added a lot of on-line help for the create topic screen, to explain
what all the input form elements mean. Also added help for the
update topic status button in the view topic screen.

* Changed the look-n-feel slightly for the view topic and edit topic

Posted by David Sitsky 2002-12-04