Codestriker 1.5.0b1 released

This is a beta-release before 1.5.0 is released.

* Broke up the system into a number of Perl modules to make future work far easier to accomplish.

* Now uses a database for storing Codestriker's data. This simplifies searching and updating of the data, compared to the previous filesystem persistance.

* There is now a topic search screen, which displays its results in a simple topic list screen. From here, individual topics can be selected for display.

* Topic now has a simple notion of state. When a topic is created, it is in state "Open". When a review has been done and the code has been committed, the author changes the state to "Committed". If the review is not to be committed, but needs to be resubmitted, the author moves the topic to state "Closed". These states are useful when displaying lists of topics in the system, to see what is currently pending.

* A migration tool is available to automatically transfer <= 1.4.X codestriker data into the database.

Posted by David Sitsky 2002-05-29