Hello everyone,

I’m having a small -- albeit annoying -- problem with cleartool diff. When I try to create a new topic, Codestriker doesn't seem to recognize one type of change (i.e. insertion, deletion) in the output of the diff. Here is the command that I used:

cleartool diff -opt "-b" -serial_format {file1} {file2}

Codestriker understands things like:

-----[after 15 inserted 16-20]-----
> #include "ec.h"
> #include "pi.h"
> #define SECTORSIZE 0x200 // 512 bytes per sector

-----[134 changed to 143]-----

But it fails to recognize the following:

-----[deleted/moved 40 after 44 (now at 152)]-----
< Etc, etc. >


-----[after 135 inserted/moved 152 (was at 40)]-----
< Etc, etc. >

When I remove all instances of those types of changes, Codestriker will create the topic properly. However, when left as is, Codestriker just displays the raw diff output.

Is there a quick fix to this?

Thanks a bunch,


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