I think I spoke too soon when I said I had found a solution to the following problem. Is there any option I can use in codestriker.conf file to not have to use Authen::SASL.

It has a dependency on GSSAPI, which in turn has a dependency on Kerberos or more specifically, krb5-config. We don’t need any of this on our system, but we do need Codestriker, and have to keep up with new upgrades of Codestriker.


My previous append was as follows:


We downloaded codestriker-1.9.4 to be installed on our systems. It seems the install has added Authen::SASL to its packages and looks for it. If it does not find it, it downloads it, and tries to install it. The install of this package requires GSSAPI which, in turn, requires Kerberos, or more specifically, krb5-conf. Is there any option we can use to exclude the Authen::SASL from the install, and still get Codestriker installed and working on our systems. We don’t need the Authen::SASL on our systems.




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