We are trying out code-striker tool for establishing an online-review process for our team. In this regard we need some help in integrating clearcase with code striker.
Here are the configuration changes we have made:
1. our repository uses dynamic views and therefore we have included the following line in codestriker.conf file.
where "codestriker" is the name of the view we have created [a default view, through which the codebase can be accessed] & /view is the mount point where this view gets mounted. so basically the path will be /view/codestriker/.../.../ for the source.
2. Modified the name that gets displayed accordingly
$repository_name_map =
    '/home/sits/cvs' => 'Local CVS',
    'clearcase:dyn:codestriker:/view' => 'Clearcase',
    ':pserver:sits:password@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot' => 'SF CVS'
But if I click on the topic created, the diff is not able to talk to the clearcase using the above configuration changes & it just shows the contents of the diff file only.
Please let me know what am I missing here. Does the dynamic view module requires any other configuration? I am running the apache server in the "user1" context and I have verified that the "user1" is able to talk to the clearcase & do a get of a file.