#34 favicon support


It would be a nice frill to have some favicon support.

(You know, those icons you get in your firefox tabs or
IE/firefox bookmarks.)

I was thinking something really simple like a default
favicon being supplied in template/en/default. If the
user wants a different one, they can put it in
template/en/custom. (Depending on how this all works,
it could require that install.pl be run for this to
take effect.)

I've hacked it into my codestriker 1.9.0 installation
by putting a favicon.ico in the html directory and
modifying lib/Codestriker/Http/Response.pm as follows,
but it's not a good permanent solution.

Near the bottom of
sub generate_header {

I simply added the code
print "<link rel=\"shortcut icon\"
href=\"../codestrikerhtml/favicon.ico\" >


  • David Sitsky
    David Sitsky

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    That seems ok to me - but the real issue is, what is a good
    favicon.ico file to sue for Codestriker? Can you provide one?

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    I don't really have a good open-source one. I did a little
    screen capture of a pair of glasses ("examining the code"?)
    from a piece of commercial software. So that's not a good
    open-source solution. I'm no artist, so it just wasn't a
    good use of my time to spend lots of it trying to make a
    really bad icon. ;-)

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    NO, I was wrong. I took the little eyeglasses icon from the
    Thunderbird default theme, "mark (as read ...)" menu. It's
    not the perfect icon, but it would do as a first stab at it.
    It was designed by Arvid Axelsson; you could contact him at
    http://www.quadrone.org/ . Actually, he might even do a
    special Codestriker one: from the website, he seems like a
    pretty enthusiastic young fellow.