SVN & DIFF & Codestriker

  • Hello its me again :)

    I've created Subversion server side hook that posts data to the Codestriker, in the server hook I'm just creating diff file using "svnlook.exe diff ..." and uploading it ti the Codestriker. The problem is that Codestriker dont understand files created with "svnlook.exe diff" as diff files :(, here is content:

    Modified: New Text Document.txt

    --- New Text Document.txt    2006-05-22 15:00:29 UTC (rev 86)
    +++ New Text Document.txt    2006-05-23 10:22:57 UTC (txn 86-1)
    @@ -1,4 +1,6 @@

    • David Sitsky
      David Sitsky

      This is in a slightly different format from what I have seen with other subversion diffs.  Can you not just use the standard "svn diff" command?  That is what Codestriker was designed to integrate with.

      • Unfortunaly I cannot use svn diff, because I'm posting data to the Codestriker inside the transaction, and inside transaction I only can use svnlook.

    • David please give me know If you've received my email with svnlook samples and UNICODE testing details. I was failed a lot of time to send you email because of antispam filters or something like this.