review several files in the source tree

  • Hello,

    Suppose I have a module called modA, appearing in Subversion as svn://host/projects/myproject/trunk/src/modA.
    This module consists of several files eligible for review.
    Is it possible to start a new topic that will consist of the HEAD revision of *all* files under svn://host/projects/myproject/trunk/src/modA?
    The reviewer can then select the file(s) he wants and record his review comments.
    This way the reviewer can actually review a set of files (full context), rather than just the diffs.

    Thank you,

    • David Sitsky
      David Sitsky

      It should be possible.. just enter the current revision number in either the start or end tag in the create topic screen, and put the appropriate path into the module field.  The path should be your something like src/modA if you set your repository to svn://host/projects/myproject/trunk.

    • David Sitsky
      David Sitsky

      Actually - I think due to Subversion, what I specified above will only work for individual files.  The real limitation is on Subversion's side.  This is easy with CVS, but there are no Subversion commands which do the same thing.