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Team Foundation Server support?

  • Hi,

    Do you plan support microsoft TFS?


    • David Sitsky
      David Sitsky

      Not me personally, but if somebody writes code to make this work, I am happy to commit it in.

      • David, I'm now trying do it myself, but I'll need your assist.

        In the TFS, I cannot create diff for changeset using one command, what I'm going do is create diffs using gnu diff util for every changed/added/deleted file and catenate all diff files into one. Then I'll upload file to the CodeStriker. But I have no idea how to implement CodeStriker server side.


        • David Sitsky
          David Sitsky

          What you describe sounds fine... once you have all the concatenated files into a single file, you can upload it into Codestriker on the create topic page.  Isn't that all you need?

    • Yep, I've done policy for TFS, after some debugging I can post sources. What I need now is TFS support on the CodeStriker server side. I mean TFS command line support, to fetch needed sources e.g. to show Parralel View. The same you doing for e.g. svn command line.

      David, please check email also, I've sent you diff CodeStriker cannot parse.


      • David Sitsky
        David Sitsky

        To complete this task, you would need to:

        * Write a new FileParser module to handle TFS diffs that you generate.  In particular, you'd need to extract out the revision numbers.  Check out CvsDiff.pm as an example of this.

        * Write a new Repository module to handle the retrieval of files, given a path and a revision number.  The Cvs.pm module also provides an example of this.

        Once you plug them into the system, it should all just work.