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Installation Issues

Jai Javan
  • Jai Javan
    Jai Javan

        I have installed latest 1.9.9 release. The URL is http://mydomain.com/codestriker/codestriker.pl
        1st Issue: URLs for all the links were non-existing like http://mydomain.com/topics or http://mydomain.com/projects.
        2nd Issue: I got the error that it cannot find codestriker.js. I had to change Response.pm to get the correct URL.
        3rd Issue: I downloaded 2 earlier versions. The ZIP file is missing codestriker.pl file.

        I am using open source for past 5-6 years. Hence, I believe my installation is correct. However, why am I getting these basic issues?

    • David Sitsky
      David Sitsky

      The codestriker.pl file is generated.  You need to run install.pl first which creates it.  It also checks you have all modules installed.

      I'd recommend using Apache as your web-server.  IIS has some issues with URL generation.