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165 Bugs about the auto indent and the AStyle Next Nightly open 火箭动员兵 1 day ago 14 hours ago Bug_Report  
163 Put a copy of wxwin.m4 inside m4/ Undefined open Jens Lody Mojca Miklavec 3 days ago 2 days ago Feature_Request  
162 Crash on exit on Mac OS X Undefined open Mojca Miklavec 3 days ago 3 days ago Undefined  
161 build options: custom variables with '=' in key can't be corrected or deleted Release 15.xx open Teodor Petrov hbekel 5 days ago 5 days ago Bug_Report  
160 Updating the Project-Importer plugin to support importing of M$ VC++ project file formats newer then currently supported. Undefined open Melchior 2015-04-26 2015-04-26 Feature_Request  
159 Code Completion fails for C++ functions marked "override" Undefined open Old Wolf 2 2015-04-24 2015-04-24 Undefined  
158 Code completion fails with the "using Alias = Type" syntax in C++11 Undefined open acqn 2015-04-23 2015-04-24 Undefined  
156 Variable declaration defeats "Find declaration" function Undefined open raynebc 2015-04-15 2015-04-16 Bug_Report  
153 Debugger: watches window column widths are not preserved Next Nightly open Teodor Petrov Sergey Bezgodov 2015-04-08 2015-04-16 Patch  
150 Some of 'Advanced compiler options' won't (fully) take effects after modification Undefined open acqn 2015-03-24 2015-03-24 Bug_Report  
147 'Add file(s)' doesn't account for all generated files for all target's compilers Next Nightly open Morten MacFly scarphin 2015-03-04 4 days ago Patch  
146 Attemp to fix the issue of generated files for different compilers are assigned to all targets Next Nightly open Morten MacFly scarphin 2015-03-04 4 days ago Patch  
144 Code Completions fails with wxBEGIN_EVENT_TABLE macro. Undefined open qtreez 2015-03-01 2015-04-19 Undefined  
143 Code completion fails with function-try blocks Undefined open ollydbg acqn 2015-02-28 22 hours ago Bug_Report  
142 F90 watch window: allocated and assumed shape arrays Undefined open Michael Leonard 2015-02-27 2015-02-27 Feature_Request  
141 Enhance Macro usage for Generated Files in Advanced Compiler Options for Custom Extensions Next Nightly open Morten MacFly scarphin 2015-02-25 4 days ago Patch  
140 Add Compilation Priority (Weight) setting to Extensions in Compiler Advanced Options Next Nightly open Morten MacFly scarphin 2015-02-25 4 days ago Patch  
138 GDB showing return value Undefined open Teodor Petrov Manuel Martin 2015-02-20 2015-02-20 Feature_Request  
137 Code completion - code without "using namespace" - don't shows class members Undefined open aleksusklim 2015-02-18 2015-02-21 Bug_Report  
136 Initial folding for selected folding blocks Undefined open fkite 2015-02-14 2015-02-14 Feature_Request  
134 Open a file with windows 7 : Codeblocks load all the olds openning files Next Release open Gandi 2015-01-26 2015-02-08 Bug_Report  
132 Feature request: Make Backup Directory Configuranble Next Release open Ronald 2015-01-15 2015-02-08 Feature_Request  
129 doxyblocks block comment bug Next Release open TurboSnail 2015-01-07 2015-02-08 Bug_Report  
128 Changing compilers leaves old options laying around Next Release open Morten MacFly Jim Williams 2015-01-06 2015-02-08 Feature_Request  
127 Code completion fails with complex declarations/definitions Next Release open ollydbg HolyBlackCat 2015-01-05 2015-02-08 Bug_Report  
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