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Code2HTML / News: Recent posts

code2html-0.9 is out

Some new languages supported. Various bugfixes. See changelog for deatils.

Posted by Peter Palfrader 2001-03-25

0.8.12 is out

Documentation fixes only.

Posted by Peter Palfrader 2000-11-01

code2html-0.8.11 is out

"\\" was not recognized as a string. added "\\\\\\\\" to regexps. same for single quote strings.

Posted by Peter Palfrader 2000-04-24

code2html-0.8.10 is out

Fixed problem with parameter parsing. The fix in 0.8.8.d, while fixing the problem with - beeing used for stdin and stdout, broke using of 'binary' options like "-t 4". Should be fixed now.

Posted by Peter Palfrader 2000-04-11

code2html-0.8.9a is out

The style 'continuation' (used for Makefiles) was not defined. FIXED.

Posted by Peter Palfrader 2000-03-24

code2html 0.8.9 is out

Download it from

Posted by Peter Palfrader 2000-03-18

code2html on sourceforge

I uploaded code2html to sourceforge. You may now use the CVS Repository, the Bug Tracking System, and the Mailinglists here. Have fun.

Posted by Peter Palfrader 2000-02-25