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The project Continuation Core and Toolboxes (COCO) is a Matlab-based development platform that provides a large amount of standard functionality required for investigating bifurcation problems and implementing toolboxes for new types of problems. The textbook Recipes for Continuation describes the underlying mathematics, algorithm development, command-line interface, and toolbox construction in great detail.

Follow this link for a series of video tutorials illustrating the installation and use of COCO and COCO toolboxes.

Installation instructions

Please follow this link for information on how to install COCO on your personal computer by downloading the most recent release from the SourceForge repository.

Summary of functionality

Please follow this link for a summary of the functionality of production-ready COCO-compatible toolboxes. Note that, in addition, the textbook Recipes for Continuation and the associated code provides in-depth analysis of the toolbox development process in the context of several partially developed toolboxes.


In the current release, documentation and tutorials are available for the following toolboxes and examples:

  • toolbox/ep : equilibrium continuation, tutorial in help/ep/EP-Tutorial.pdf
  • toolbox/core : toolbox development in COCO, short reference in help/core/COCO_ShortRef.pdf
  • examples/recipes : collection of examples from Recipes for Continuation.
    To browse this documentation, type "doc recipes" on the command line, after installation.

Recent and upcoming fixes

Follow this link for a list of fixes included in recent releases, as well as upcoming fixes that will be included in the next release.

File a bug report

Please follow this link to file a bug report. You may also rely on this mechanism to propose or inquire about functionality that is not described in Recipes for Continuation or the supporting documentation.


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