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Continuation in Experiments Log

Commit Date  
[r8] by fschild

new to do file

2013-09-12 20:08:52 Tree
[r7] by fschild

fixed some bugs

2013-08-29 13:20:36 Tree
[r6] by fschild

added egg shape

2013-08-28 17:49:40 Tree
[r5] by fschild

- removed obsolete log message

2013-08-27 13:14:24 Tree
[r4] by fschild

new to do list

2013-08-26 09:01:49 Tree
[r3] by fschild

made sequence of trials one-dimensional

2013-08-26 09:01:11 Tree
[r2] by fschild

- updated todo list

2013-08-23 14:03:10 Tree
[r1] by fschild

initial commit

2013-08-22 16:04:01 Tree