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Build under GCC now working.

With 18,000 lines of code written. I am now integrating with GCC. I have a skeleton framework done, and the program now builds within the GCC build framework. So I have now uploaded selected parts of GCC V4.3 so the whole thing builds. This means the CVS download is now about 140mb.

Posted by Tim Josling 2008-04-16

Cobol For GCC - work restarted

As of 18 April 2007 work has started again.

Posted by Tim Josling 2007-04-19


Tim Josling writes a column every two months on the status of free COBOL implementations. You can read it at htttp://

Posted by Tim Josling 2001-04-26

Close to getting compiler subset done

The initial target of the project is a useable subset of the language that can be used for writint most or all of the compiler runtime. We are getting close to delivering this. at the moment we only have if, perform, call/functions, and 88 levels to go.

Posted by Tim Josling 2001-04-26

V0.1.2 Released

Better debugging info (file and line numbers), Upgrade to cobol.el.

Posted by Tim Josling 2000-08-12

Project moves

The CObol For GCC project has now moved to SourceForge:

Posted by Tim Josling 2000-08-07