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Project has moved to

The cobcurses project and future maintenance has moved to Please visit for updates. The project at this site will no longer be maintained.

The documentation for cobcurses has been restored there, at:

Posted by Warren W. Gay VE3WWG 2014-10-21

Menus & Graphics in Release 0.95

A large number of internal changes were implemented in
this release, but first let's cover the user visible

1. MENUS! Popup menus are now supported, and are available
in sdesign with every Action field. In fact, any sdesign
field that is marked with a diamond graphic, has the
ability to popup a menu with F1 (or ^O).

2. To support menus, FUNCTION keys are now available in
Action mode (though CONTROL-O is an alternate way
of opening a menu). This included a new event
callback NC-FKEY-EVENT.... read more

Posted by Warren W. Gay VE3WWG 2007-10-31

Release 0.94 is Available

Release 0.94 includes:

- ability to write *.CSV spreadsheet records
- ability to work with COMP-1 and COMP-2 fields
- ability to configure and auto generate read-only fields
- enhanced to allow use in MinGW environment.

See the following for full details:

Posted by Warren W. Gay VE3WWG 2007-09-24

July 27, '07: Release 0.93 Available

Major Features include:

- New sdbackup/sdload backup and recovery commands
- Enhanced sdgenerate command
- A Generate screen from within the Screen Designer
- Additional support API for loading spreadsheet *.CSV files
- Additional support API for associative arrays
- NC-DRAW-SCREEN now checks minimum column/line/colour-pair
requirements for your screen.
- Various bug fixes

Posted by Warren W. Gay VE3WWG 2007-07-28

Release 0.92 is now out

All documentation including install instructions, User's Guide and Programmer's Guide are online in the SF project wiki.


This release now uses the GNU autoconf/automake utilities to make it much easier to compile and install on your platform of choice.

Posted by Warren W. Gay VE3WWG 2007-06-28

Documentation now in Wiki

The full documentation for installation, User Guide, Programmer's Guide and Trouble Shooting Guide is now available on the wiki:

The wiki resource will help me keep you up-to-date with documentation about corrections or new improvements.

Posted by Warren W. Gay VE3WWG 2007-06-27

0.92 Nearing Completion

Extensive work is being done within the CVS repository here as CobCurses gets reworked. It will be coming out with the GNU autoconf/automake tools, so that all you will have to do is:

make install

Stay tuned.

Posted by Warren W. Gay VE3WWG 2007-06-12

Bug in 0.90

For those trying to use release 0.90, be sure to update your cobcurses.c module before (re)building sd002. A bug snuck into it that causes the screen designer to hang when saving changes to the screen background.

The module cobcurses.c version 1.23 or later corrects this problem.

Thanks, Warren.

Posted by Warren W. Gay VE3WWG 2007-02-14

Beta Release 0.90 Available

Release 0.90 is now available. Check the notes and
change log attached to the download file. This
release should address many portability problems.

Posted by Warren W. Gay VE3WWG 2007-02-08

Portability Issues

There are a number of portability issues, even with the current release. If you are attempting to use this project on a platform other than Cygwin, or using the newer OC 0.33 compiler, expect to tinker with the code.

Roger While is gratiously helping me work through a number of these issues so that the next release of CobCurses will be portable to your platform of choice. I have also upgraded to the OC 0.33 compiler, allowing me to address some of the issues related to the compiler.... read more

Posted by Warren W. Gay VE3WWG 2007-02-05

Release 0.5 Available

This release has many small corrections and enhancements. Most notably the restricted character set functionality has been added. The 2nd most notable improvement is the inclusion of a User_Guide.pdf document to guide you through the process of generating a screen. Finally, there is now a template main and template screen pair of Cobol programs provided. These are a working example, but can be used as a prototype for your next screen.... read more

Posted by Warren W. Gay VE3WWG 2007-01-22


Much more complete documentation is now available in two formats: User_Guide.doc (MS-Word) or User_Guide.pdf.

This documentation supports the upcoming Release 0.5. You should find everything you need in the document with the exception that the CobCurses API is not yet documented. However, the API is easily discerned by examination of the copy books, if you need to.

Posted by Warren W. Gay VE3WWG 2007-01-19

Release 0.4 Available (almost Beta status)

Release 0.4 has a nearly complete Screen Designer 2.0 (the original has been retired, but was useful to bootstrap this project). SD002 now supports the creation/editing of screens, fields, screen backgrounds and field states. This appears to be stable now, and is quite usable in its present form.

Documentation is still lacking, but will be the next priority. Ironically, this will take longer to develop than the actual code ;-) Use the file QUICKSTART for introduction and module SD002010.cob as a sample application.... read more

Posted by Warren W. Gay VE3WWG 2007-01-12

Current Work

The project is still in alpha status. What I am trying to do however, is to bootstrap Screen Designer 2 (SD002) from the first one (SD001). SD001 is unforgiving and has some bugs, but if you're careful, it is useable.

SD002 will have a cleaner screen design and because it is partially generated, is more reliable and forgiving. I have also improved the screen code based upon experience gained from SD001.... read more

Posted by Warren W. Gay VE3WWG 2007-01-10

Release 0.03 fix & enhancements

Release 0.03 adds the missing Delete field capability that got overlooked.

Also included is a vastly cleaner status line API call and the event callbacks are now three. See the file HISTORY for the details.

Posted by Warren W. Gay VE3WWG 2007-01-07

Release 0.02 Available

Release 0.02 has the field state maintenance screen added. The BGGEN program now supports generation of all field state information.

Posted by Warren W. Gay VE3WWG 2007-01-07

CVS Repository has been loaded

I have uploaded the current state of the CobCurses project to the SF CVS repository. The screen generator is not yet complete, but those wishing to use Ncurses from Cobol will find most of what they need is supported.

The screen designer is able to generate screen background code and field configuration code. The major piece outstanding is the editing and generation of the field state tables.

IMPORTANT: The current project is only known to work with OpenCobol. Futhermore, the module cobcurses.c expects values in host endian order (little endian on Intel). Eventually cobcurses.c will be updated to handle OpenCobol's bigendian users.... read more

Posted by Warren W. Gay VE3WWG 2007-01-05