CNV Workshop 2.0.10 released

  • Kevin Murphy
    Kevin Murphy

    CNV Workshop 2.0.10 is available for download; all users should upgrade to this version. This release fixes several bugs that effectively rendered 2.0.9 unusable for most installations. A CentOS VM image containing this release will be posted shortly.

    Look for CNV Workshop 2.1 possibly by the end of the summer.

    Relevant excerpt from docs/CHANGES.txt:

    === 2.0.10 Upgrading instructions (2.0.9 to 2.0.10) ===

    * 2.0.10 should be used instead of 2.0.9.

    * See upgrading instructions for 2.0.9 below if you haven't already.

    === 2.0.10 Enhancements ===


    === 2.0.10 Bug fixes ===

    Fixed broken normals queries for non-CHOP installations in CNV Workshop 2.0.9. no longer fails on case-sensitive filesystems (MySQL issue).
    GBrowse image map no longer gets "out of sync" (is not reloaded on pans/zooms) when synchronize is off.
    Documentation files in docs directory are now in the most portable text format (DOS/Windows).

    === 2.0.9 Upgrading instructions (2.0.8 to 2.0.9) ===

    * DO NOT USE 2.0.9.  Use 2.0.10 instead.

    * Apply the most recent CHOP normals data ( or to get the latest annotation and the new gender table.
    After expanding the compressed data file, do the following:

        mysql -e "drop database cnv2_hg18"
        mysql -e "create database cnv2_hg18"
        mysql cnv2_hg18 < cnv2_hg18.mysqldump.sql
        perl src/main/backend/ cnv2_hg18

    * Update your cnvCalls annotation by running 'perl src/main/backend/' - but before that, please
    read the relevant section in ADMIN.txt first.

    * See all previous relevant upgrading instructions in docs/CHANGES.txt in the main distribution.