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CMS - A web based document/file manageme / News: Recent posts

CMS development back on track

With the addition of 2 new developers (mplattu and kona), CMS development is back on track with the imminent release of v0.03 which will feature support for desktops, password protected areas, better support for download and other improvements.

Posted by Alexandre Gravel 2002-02-03

Version 0.02 fixes an important security issue

Version 0.02 is out and it fixes an important security issue that gave users the ability to browse the whole file tree up to root (/). It also now deals with space and other characters in filenames and directory names.

Posted by Alexandre Gravel 2000-07-25

Initial version 0.01 released !

CMS has just been publicly released for the first time. Developers are welcome to help in the development as there are many improvements that could be done on this workgroup application.

Posted by Alexandre Gravel 2000-07-20

Project created

The project is now created, I am now in the process of cleaning out the code for a public alpha release.

Posted by Alexandre Gravel 2000-06-27