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Computer Modern Unicode fonts 0.6.3a released

Bug fixes:
- wrong ucircumflex and udieresis in CMUTypewriter-Regular,
CMUTypewriter-Oblique, CMUTypewriter-LightOblique
- wrong advanced width of U+044F in CMUSerif-Italic
- empty M in CMUSansSerif-Oblique
- changed encoding of U+2116 in *.enc files

Posted by Andrey V. Panov 2008-03-14

A fix to Computer Modern Unicode fonts 0.6.3

Computer Modern Unicode fonts had wrong "ucircumflex" and "udieresis" glyphs in some fonts. A package cm-unicode-fix-0.6.3.tar.bz2 with fixed CMUTypewriter-LightOblique, CMUTypewriter-Oblique, CMUTypewriter-Regular is added to download area . This package contains these three fonts in pfb, otf and sfd formats. The fonts were regenerated by patched fontforge.

Posted by Andrey V. Panov 2007-03-29

Computer Modern Unicode fonts 0.6.3 released

Added Latin Extended-A and Latin Extended-B characters to CMUSerif-Roman from Víctor Carbajo

Added glyphs from t2d encoded lh fonts

Regenerated by newer fontforge which fixes an issue with "dotlessj"

Posted by Andrey V. Panov 2007-03-16

Computer Modern Unicode fonts 0.6.2 released


o Added anchors to phonetic characters
o Added 18 pixel bitmap font to CMUBright-Roman, fixed other sizes
o Swapped "uni1FBC", "uni1FCC", "uni1FFC" and "uni1FBC.alt", "uni1FCC.alt",
"uni1FFC.alt" (suggested by Alexey Kryukov), removed relevant substitution
with "case" tag, added alternative set of capital letters with mute iota
o Patched lh fonts to make U+0428 symmetric, also changed U+0429
o Added stylistic set 1 with some Latin accented letters based on Vietnamese
ones and capital letters with adscript mute iota
o Added Greek small capitals to CMUSerif-Roman, CMUSerif-Bold, CMUSansSerif,
CMUSansSerif-Bold, CMUTypewriter-Regular
o Added 'kern' GPOS tables to languages other than "latn{dflt}"

Posted by Andrey V. Panov 2007-03-01

Computer Modern Unicode fonts 0.6.1 released

* Added ligatures for "i", "j" + combining accents, "Aogonek"
* Added anchors
* Reencoded "femaleuncrossed" as "uni26B2", "uni2040" as "uni2322", "uni0311" as "tieaccentlowercase", "cyrflex" as "uni0311"
* Added 14 and 16 pixel fonts to CMUBright-Roman, regenerated embedded bitmap fonts
* Changed script and language tags (suggested by Alexey Kryukov)
* Added "uni1FEE" as reference to "uni0385", "figuredash"
* Reencoded accented Russian vowels
* Retraced CMUSansSerif-Bold
* Added substitution from "uni1FB3", "uni1FBC", "uni1FC3", "uni1FCC", "uni1FF3", "uni1FFC" to "uni1FBC.alt", "uni1FCC.alt", "uni1FFC.alt" with "case" tag (suggested by Alexey Kryukov)
* Further manual correction of badly traced glyphs from CMUSerif-Roman, CMUSerif-Italic, CMUSerif-BoldItalic, CMUSansSerif-Bold, CMUSansSerif-BoldOblique, CMUBright-Roman fonts... read more

Posted by Andrey V. Panov 2006-11-13

Computer Modern Unicode fonts 0.6.0 released

* Added Vietnamese glyphs from vnr fonts. Characters existed in ec fonts added as local alternatives
* Changed position of accents in "atilde", "amacron", "otilde", "ntilde", "umacron", "omacron", "aemacron", "uni1E7D", "etilde", "emacron", "afii10831", "afii10832"
* Corrected "u" and "y" in CMUClassicalSerif-Italic
* Changed shape of "afii10063" to "afii10068" + "macron"
* Fixed Cyrillic small capital characters in CMUConcrete-Roman
* Used names with suffixes for glyph variants. Type 1 fonts now require at least Freetype 2.2
* Set OS2 Values WinAscent, WinDescent, HHeadAscent and HHeadDescent from bounding box of ec fonts. TypoLineGap and HHeadLineGap are set to 200 (20% of em) as advised by Recommendations for OpenType Fonts. The OpenType fonts now have more condensed line spacing
* Used lh fonts 3.5.4
* Fixed some badly traced glyphs (manually edited) from CMUSerif-Roman, CMUSansSerif, CMUSansSerif-Oblique, CMUBright-Roman, CMUBright-Oblique, CMUBright-Bold fonts, look at post_*.sfd files
* Added "locl" substitution from "beta", "gamma", "theta", "lambda", "chi", "omega" to IPA variants imported from tipa fonts for Latin alphabet

Posted by Andrey V. Panov 2006-06-28

Computer Modern Unicode fonts 0.5.0 released

* Removed extra space from name of "CMU Concrete Bold Extended Roman"
* Added CM Bright font family and "Typewriter Text Light" fonts (8 fonts)
* Added accented Russian vowels
* Added glyphs from lb fonts
* Built yet more extended Latin characters
* Renamed "babygamma" as "babygammaold" not to interfere with "rams horn"
* Font family name for "CMUTypewriter-Oblique" changed to "CMU Typewriter Text"
* Added quotereversed, uni201F, uni01A7, uni01A8, uni02C1
* Added uni1FBD and uni1FFD as references
* Changed font and family name for "CMUSerif-UnslantedItalic" to "CMUSerif-UprightItalic"
* Added space characters: uni2000...uni200D
* Added longs and florin to most fonts

Posted by Andrey V. Panov 2006-03-01