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#9 Allow a own command instead of ssh/rsh/telnet....

steph maill

The fact are that best feature of cluster ssh is to have a high number of window resized and correctly positionned.

Ideally it will be great to can use this feature with some other command of a ssh rsh or telnet (i would like in fact for ipmitool)
May it be possible to have some option that allow to pass your own connect method instead of ssh/rsh/telnet.

I by my own made some modification in order to do that and that not a big deal if this can be supported officially it would be great :

- i get a link named cexec to cssh
- Internally cssh when was called via cexec link need and extra option -E ""
- -E "" contain the command and argument that must be used instead of ssh/rsh/telnet

A typical case i use is :

cexec -E "ipmitool -e ! -I lanplus -U my_user -P my_password sol activate -H" host1 host2 ....
cexec -E "ipmitool -e ! -I lanplus -U my_user -P my_password shell -H" host1 host2 ....

This allow me to have a cluster Xterm session using ipmi protocol.

I can send the code if needed
Thanks a lot


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  • Send me a 'diff -ur' patch complete with doc updates and I'll look at including it in the code.

    Sorry about the delay in replying - this was due to emails being marked as spam by my email client


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