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Clubmask / News: Recent posts

clubmask-0.6b1 released

You know the drill, here is the link to the release notes:

Posted by Nicholas Henke 2003-11-13

clubmask 0.5 released

It is final !!! Check the release page & notes for more information:https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=1316&release_id=179243

Posted by Nicholas Henke 2003-08-20

0.5b85 released

This should be the last beta release (fingers crossed). Tons of big bug fixes, see release notes for more details:

Posted by Nicholas Henke 2003-08-11


Release supermon-clubmask-31. For more details see the release notes:

Posted by Nicholas Henke 2003-08-08


...is on the loose. See the Changes & ReleaseNotes for more info.

Posted by Nicholas Henke 2003-07-29


On the loose! This has critical fixes for large clusters, and clusters that have varying cpu_speeds. For more information see the ReleaseNodes & Changes:

Posted by Nicholas Henke 2003-07-21

clubmask-0.5b82 released

This release fixes a few odd bugs that could pop up when trying to find all of your nodes. See the releasenotes for more information:

Posted by Nicholas Henke 2003-07-15

supermon-clubmask-30 released

This is a bug and feature update, see the ReleaseNotes for more information: http://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?group_id=1316&release_id=171503

Posted by Nicholas Henke 2003-07-14


Clubmask has had another beta release. This release is a bug fix against the previous 0.5b80 release. See the ReleaseNotes for more details.

Accomanying this release are updated documentation, supermon-clubmask, and the first src.rpm release of supermon-clubmask.


Posted by Nicholas Henke 2003-07-10

0.5 beta1

Clubmask -- http://clubmask.sourceforge.net

Whats available presently ( 0.5 Beta 1):
- Node and server installation
- Basic resource managment
- Redhat 7.2 Support with kernel 2.4.17
- Maui job scheduler
- Support for Batch, MPI, and Interactive jobs

Posted by Nicholas Henke 2002-02-13

Intial Release

We released 0.1 (alpha) version..this supports
installation and rudimentary maintenance.

Posted by Rahul Dave 2001-05-25