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Annotation Sample don't render in some ...

  • ch3rryc0ke

    I'm evaluating using PDF Clown in a PDF annotator app- when running the annotations sample included in the source, I found that several PDF viewers were not able to render the annotations properly:

    - MuPDF
    - Sumatra PDF (based on muPDF, but it rendered a few of them that MuPDF did not)
    - Windows Reader (new app included with Windows 8)

    Adobe Acrobat was able to read/display the annotations properly- after opening the generated file in Acrobat and re-saving it, the annotations display correctly in the other apps mentioned above.

    Any idea why this is the case?

  • Please open a bug tracker entry attaching the two variants (generated and re-saved) of the PDF file produced by the annotation sample, so I can evaluate their differences.

    thank you!