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Merge columns

  • Kim Gräsman
    Kim Gräsman


    I'm new to PDF Clown and PDF as a format, so I'm not sure if I'm asking something stupid, but here goes…

    I positively *hate* the default academic paper-style with two columns per page of flowing content. See for example the fundev.pdf sample shipped as part of PDF Clown or the otherwise excellent http://www.jmock.org/oopsla2004.pdf.

    So I've been on the lookout for a tool to let me take one of those papers and convert them into a single-column style, leaving all other style aspects the same. I haven't found anything yet, so I thought I'd try and build one.

    I can't make out how such a document is composed though - is it even possible to do this kind of thing?

    Thanks for any ideas,
    - Kim