Unable to embed SWF/Flash files

  • swarna pappiah
    swarna pappiah

    I have a requirement to embed SWF / Flash files to the PDF file I am generating through java. I was very excited to learn that pdf clown supports this but was disappointed to discover that it does not however support SWF / Flash. Is there any plan to do incorporate this in the near future?

  • Hi

    multimedia implementation is under way; possibly in the next few weeks I will commit something nice about it.

    PS: About your "disappointment", I'm always *really* irritated when someone coming from nowhere seems to pretend something nobody granted him. I NEVER announced that multimedia features were available, so there's no point in your disappointment. Please RESPECT others' work. ;-)

  • I'm glad to announce that multimedia support has been committed (rev 85). You can find some info about it on the project's official blog.