OCR PDF and Watermark

  • Ahmed

    Hi EveryOne,
    My task is add water mark to PDF File but the PDF File is Scanned  and use OCR of Adobe to make it as text to give the user the ability to search in this file so when i use the Library of PDF Clown something wrong is happened and didn't do any thing to the PDF although i try a different File (Without OCR) and it worked fine.

    if any one has idea please help me


  • 2010-05-04

    I suspect that the scanned images have a white background, not a transparent background.  If this is the case then putting a watermark in the background will "not do anything" because it will be hidden by the opaque foreground image.  Try putting the watermark on top of the scan.

  • fdiamge

    i agree, if the background is like this. we need to c# creat watermark on top. in this way ,it will do something to the PDF.

  • arronlee

    Yup indeed. I agree with the second people in this thread. You might have a white background , but not a transparent one. You cannot work it out just because the water marks are hidden by the opaque back ground. You should change your settings to have a transparent backgound image and the process the PDF again.
    I hope you success.

    Best regards,