New CloverETL 3.4.2

Bugfix release CloverETL 3.4.2


  • Fixes of graph to HTML export
  • EmailSender connection to SMTP server is initialized in specific phase
  • Upgrade JSch library to 0.1.50


  • Long profiler jobs on server fail due to unsuitable default JDBC pool settings
  • Problems with DBExecute component
  • Frozen edit component dialog
  • Stopping "view data" freezes Designer
  • PostgreSQLDataWriter gets stuck on windows machine
  • Trying to display component's tooltip fails with exception
  • Hadoop is missing in opensource engine build
  • Cannot delete generated html
  • SpreadsheetDataReader is not able to process xls file with Custom format cells
  • A graph with DBLookupTable used in a CTL code is not restartable in batch mode
  • Cannot swith to VTE after deleting invalid CTL code
Posted by Pavel Najvar 2013-09-19