New release CloverETL 3.0.0

CloverETL Designer

* Introducing a free, full-featured edition – CloverETL Community
* Brand new transformation language – CTL2
* Dictionary support in the Designer
* Bundled examples with easy setup
* Extracting metadata from DBF files
* HTTP authentication support in HTTPConnector component
* Improved edge drawing for complex graphs
* CSV compliant flat file reading/writing
* Default locale can be specified globally for the environment
* FTP wildcards support added
* Fact Table Loader wizard
* Dictionary data types support enhanced to all CloverETL data types
* Optimized resource allocation in CloverETL Server/Designer
* Hundreds of minor functional and usability improvements

CloverETL Server

* CloverETL Server parallel graph processing
* Transformations using multiple sandboxes are now possible
* CloverETL Server modularity based on OSGi standards
* JMS trigger listeners
* Groovy listeners
* Enhanced file listeners

Posted by Pavel Najvar 2010-08-24