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Developing Cloudium OS in pure ASM proved to be very difficult, and as a result we are developing a new programming languages codenamed "Exode". It will be a language that has the capability to both acces low level system resources (lower level than C) with neat inline ASM and yet the possibility to use very high level features as to be more productive where no such low level acces is required. The language will be specifically tailored for Cloudium, with support for persistence, built-in concurrency (even over the network). Currently we are experimenting with some new programming paradigms in addition to the usual OOP.

Posted by 0xJarno 2015-09-02 Labels: Exode Programming Language Language Code

Hard labour...

Currently the kernel is under heavy development and testing, which is a hard labour. Therefore there will be no releases in near feature, but once most of the kernel features are developed and at reasonable stability I will release the first versions of Cloudium with the new kernel. I will then keep improving the kernel until it is a fit RC for the first version of Cloudium OS.

Posted by 0xJarno 2014-05-24

Still working on it!

It has been a long time since we've brought a update, but we're still working on the kernel. Everything has been implemented, but we will update the scheduling algoriths and virtual memory manager before we see this first release of the kernel happening.

Posted by 0xJarno 2013-05-12 Labels: Kernel Nucleo VMM Scheduling Implementation

Nucleo goes on!

The boot loader is totally finished. The current project is working on the kernel called Nucleo. The goal is to make it a very fast and stable (and secure ;p) exo-kernel! This kernel will be 32 and 64 bit! The main focus if 64 bit.

Posted by 0xJarno 2012-10-21 Labels: Kernel Nucleo Segmenting 32 64 32 bits 64 bits Core

Boot loader

The boot loader called “Pulse” (code name “pwr0n!”) is finished!
Now we start developing the local beta version of it. After polishing it a bit this beta will become the public beta, we like to invite now to test this online beta then (whenever it becomes available on the download page).

Next project: “Nucleo”!
Until then over and out!

Posted by 0xJarno 2012-09-12 Labels: boot loader Pulse pwr0n!

Just hosted Cloudium OS on!

In the next coming months i'll be setting up the website for Cloudium OS.
Once finished doing that the development of the boot loader continues (it's almost finished!).

Update promised before next week!

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