Minor maintainance release

* Covering all the existing Amazon "regions", namely :
- 'us-east-1'
- 'us-west-1'
- 'eu-west-1'
- 'ap-southeast-1'

* Supporting all the recent versions of OpenFOAM (R) for each of Amazon the mentioned above "regions", namely
- 'openfoam171_0-1ubuntu2'
- 'openfoam171_0-1'
- 'openfoam-dev-1.5'
- 'openfoam-1.6-ext'

* Implementation of 'cloudflu-config' utility which automatically would :
- Choose the "closest" Amazon "region";
- Define the best 'data trasnfer' parameters ('upload_seed_size', 'number_of_threads' and 'timeout') to communicate with 'your' claster in the most efficent way. Run this utility to adjust 'CloudFlu' functionality whenever you change you 'location' (move from one country to another) or internet connection (ethernet, 3G and e.t.c)

* Updating project documentation :
- Organizing special 'Documentation' page
- Introduction of 'Utility Index' page which discusses in details all the existing 'CloudFlu' utilities, their purpose, corresponding command-line options and examples of usage

Posted by Alexey Petrov 2011-01-12