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Site problems

We're having problems with our main site (, please bear with us while these are rectified.

Posted by Chris "Stan" Peel 2004-08-03

eggShell hosted here

eggShell is the successor to our previous Windows Shell Replacement Cloud:9ine. At the moment, development is still very much in the alpha stage, although a few early previews have been released.

General updates will be posted to the main site (, however - if you're interested in keeping an eye on development progress, this is the place to be.

Posted by Chris "Stan" Peel 2004-07-27

DR-1 released

DR-1 is now available for download. Brief testing today on Windows95 still showed a problem with the "Error 9 Bug", but I've decided to go ahead with the DR-1 release anyway in the hope that the bug is now confined to just Win95.

Posted by Chris Peel 2003-08-29

alpha 9 released!

Alpha 9 features, amongst other tucks and tweaks, a now fully working Volume AddOn, much improved tasks and tray plugins, a new analogue clock plugin, and - oh, I don't know - lot's over other goodies...

Posted by Chris Peel 2003-08-22

alpha 6 available

Featuring much improved desktop icons, working system tray and tasks plugins (the tasks plugin records app arrivals and departures only) and lots of other nice things.

Posted by Chris Peel 2003-08-15

geoTraySpy added!

In order to get the most out of Stardust you really need to run it as your default shell. Obviously, as it's only in alpha development at the moment, this isn't really practical. The next best thing therefore is to use the geOTraySpy utility to allow stardust access to the system tray content. Full source and installation instructions are included in the zip - PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE READ THE INSTALLATION GUIDE - it contains important licencing and usage information.

Posted by Chris Peel 2003-08-11

alpha 5 available

Alpha 5 is now available as a zipped download - make sure you read the 'readme-installing.txt' file included in the zip before you run it.

Posted by Chris Peel 2003-08-06

Problems with

We're having problems with our primary host server at the moment - the stardust change log has been moved here:

Posted by Chris Peel 2003-08-02

Site opened for 'Stardust'

We're going to use this site to deal with the forthcoming "Stardust" release of Cloud:9ine. At the moment we'll only be using the 'feature request' tracker so please keep general comments to the Stardust forum at

Posted by Chris Peel 2003-03-13