Cloo 0.9.alpha1 - Call for help

This is the first of the (two or possibly three) alpha releases that precede Cloo 0.9. It is an experimental release which brings three major changes:

1) The library is now CLS-compliant and contains no unsafe code including the low-level bindings. This means it is fully usable from every CLI-compatible language out there.
2) Deprecated bits from the previous versions have been removed. Those of you considering upgrade to Cloo 0.9 will need to check their compiler warnings for obsoleted methods/properties. Fear not, though. Every feature can be replaced by a better and more solid one.
3) Clootils have been completely redesigned. The editor is gone but what's left is a bit more usable and much more extensible (at least from a programmer's point of view).

Apart from the deprecated features the OO interface hasn't changed (a simple Cloo.dll switch should be sufficient). However, the changes under the hood are quite extensive so, I would really appreciate some user feedback!

Posted by nythrix 2011-01-29