Hi list,
I have the following problem. I start clonezilla via PXE from my server and want to make an image of the server disk to a WINDOWS SHARE.
The computer providing the WINDOWS SHARE is XP.
The share name is "pxe" with user "guest" and password "guest".
I did all this settings in Windows XP.
Now, when clonezilla is started, I choose "SAMBA SERVER" and enter the IP address of my Windows XP computer. Further I enter the share (/pxe) and user (guest) and password (guest) but it doesnt work.
Then I tried the following:
I used the "search" function of windows XP and searched for its own IP Address ( The computer can be found, but when I click on the icon there is no share.
When I mount the share in Windows as "x61\pxe" (without IP Adress, but the name) I get access to the share.
Could somebody explain me, how I have to proceed to make a disk-clone over the network to a WinXP share with clonezilla ?
Thanks in advance
Best regards