I have installed/setup DRBL and CloneZilla server on Ubuntu 10.04 and would like to use our windows DHCP server rather than the DRBL DHCP.  When the client machine boots I get the following message and stops at this point:

Obtaining IP address via DHCP... The order of network card to request IP address is: eth0 Trying to obtain IP address via [eth0]... Maximum times to try in this port [eth0]: 5. Leasing IP address via [eth0]. Try 5... udhcpc (v1.18.5) started Sleep for 0 sec(s) to wait for this NIC ready... Sending discover... Sending select for Lease of obtained, lease time 691200 I just want DHCP server with server name "drbl" provides me an IP address... DHCP server name now is: Only IP address offered by this DHCP server name will be accepted: Unable to obtain IP address via wired link [eth0]! **********************************************************************
FATAL ERROR: Failed to mouth root filesystem!!! Please check: 1. Is the driver of the network card loaded successfully in this computer? Press Shift-Page Up to check the message in the screen. If not, maybe this network card is too new so in this kernel "2.6.35-28-generic" a suitable driver is not available! Run /bin/ls_pciid.sh then compare the results with the file /usr/lib/mkpxeinitrd-net/initrd-skel/etc/pcitable in the DRBL server. 2. The TCPwrapper setting (/etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny) and firewall rules in your DRBL server, do you block the clients? 3. Is there any other DHCP server (server name is NOT "drbl") in this subnet, and you force client to get IP address from DHCP server (server name is "drbl")? 4. The DRBL server is able to reverse-map this client IP address to obtain hostname.

/bin/sh: can't access tty; job control turned off

The only check that applies to my environment is "3. Is there any other DHCP server..."

On our Windows DHCP I have set Server Options:

"066 Boot Server Host Name" with the IP address of the CloneZilla server
"067 Bootfile Name" with pxelinux.0

Is there a way to change the DHCP from "drbl" to our windows DHCP to provide IP address? and if so what are the steps involved as my knowledge in Linux is very limited.

Any assistance provided would be very much appreciated.