I think SLES 10 is too old for DRBL script to configure that. However, it's possible you can follow:
Check the section:
<Step 2b>
Scenario 2: If you can not access Internet, the network bandwidth is narrow, you do not want drblsrv to install the required packages for you, or your GNU/Linux distribution does NOT provides apt, urpmi or yum repository (such as RHEL): ...


On 2010年07月27日 15:41, overlords@web.de wrote:

I have a SLES 10 SP2 as my "client" and I'm hanging now at your installation (http://drbl.sourceforge.net/one4all/) step 2b when executing "/opt/drbl/sbin/drblsrv -i". The script tells me that the package "lftp" isn't available and that it's necessary to be there for installation reasons. Because I didn't find a SuSE RPM for lftp I downloaded "lftp-4.0.9.tar.gz" from ftp://ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de/pub/net/ftp/lftp/ and executed the configure script. After adding other packages like "gnutls" which were necessary to get that script working it finished succesfully.

But now the "/opt/drbl/sbin/drblsrv -i" command is still missing lftp package. For sure I never installed the RPM file but the program itself should be there at least... Didn't get the error on that so far. Can anyone help me by providing a RPM source for lftp or with any advice to run that command succesfully?

Thanks in advance.
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