Understood. I've been kind of amazed that with cryptsetup luksOpen one can choose whatever they like as a volume name (that becomes /dev/mapper/foo).  I'd have thought they'd stuff a volume name in the LUKS header but they don't.

Do you have a general direction/module/script/chunk of code I should begin with to try and fix this?  If you're too busy I completely understand.

By the way, THANK YOU for Clonezilla. It's an outstanding piece of software my teams and I have used regularly for years.


On 6/13/14, 7:20 PM, Steven Shiau wrote:

The device name /dev/mapper/ is the most difficult to deal with now. The Clonezilla codes have to be revised and patched so that not only /dev/cciss/c?d? but also /dev/mapper/* could be scanned and processed.
One thing it's more complicated than /dev/cciss/ is, its naming is wild. Not like cciss, the pattern is c?d?...
We will try to find some time to implement this. However, it's not in the near future.
BTW, patches are welcome.


[feature-requests:#59] Support for unlocking and reading from encrypted LUKS partitions

Status: open
Group: Next_Release_(example)
Created: Sat Jul 06, 2013 05:31 AM UTC by E Kastelijn
Last Updated: Fri Jun 13, 2014 01:53 PM UTC
Owner: nobody

More and more Linux based machines are being installed with a LUKS encrypted partition these days.
It would be nice if Clonezilla could detect that a partition is LUKS encrypted and then ask the user for the passphrase. As soon as the encryped partition is unlocked, the normal backup process can be followed.
This feature request is different from feature request #40, because a LUKS encrypted partition can be unlocked using open source tools (cryptsetup).

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