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  • I have been trying to NO avail to get this clonezilla to work either in a USB or CD. The older machine has USB in the boot list but doesn't seem to recognize the USB port on boot. So, I decided to try and get this to the CD. The CD seems to be seen in the boot process. I have spent several hours last evening and several again this morning. I am Brain Fried and frustrated right now. And could really use some advice. Thanks

  • should have known. I caught a kid (22yrs) and he is pretty pc savvy. In less than 5 minutes he had a bootable CD with Clonezilla on it and I am off and running.
    Copying the disks now.
    I hope?

  • Well!
    I started off trying to use Norton Ghost and at about 10% it fail and stop.
    On some SCO Unix fourums I found several posts about using Clonezilla and rave reviews about it. So, I have now used it twice.
    and both times it would do the same thing, errored out and stopped working.
    This drive is going to be my #($&^#(@)$*#(@

  • Steven Shiau
    Steven Shiau

    If this is hardware issue, then Clonezilla won't help. You have to fix it first.
    You can post the error messages, or take a photo about the screen when it fails then post it.