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Can't manage to restore image

  • Hi folks,

    I'm trying to restore a disk image using Clonezilla. This image is actually uncompressed in /media/image directory and it has the following files:

    disk sda1.ext3-ptcl-img.lzo.aa sda-mbr
    Info-dmi.txt sda6.ext3-ptcl-img.lzo.aa sda-pt.parted
    Info-lshw.txt sda7.ext3-ptcl-img.lzo.aa sda-pt.sf
    Info-lspci.txt sda7.ext3-ptcl-img.lzo.ab
    Info-packages.txt sda-chs.sf
    parts sda-hidden-data-after-mbr

    The following are also parts of my scenario:

    • The mentioned source image is in computer A (Debian), NSF server enabled, sharing /media/image directory

    • Computer B has a 250Gb SATA hard drive which is the one i want to write the image to (it's actually not formatted and it has several partitions and filesystems)

    • I'm using Live USB Clonezilla 2.1.1 stable version.

    • NFS server was tested from within USB booted Clonezilla (i was able to mount Computer's A shared directory /media/image into Computer's B, using command line)

    The procedure i'm following is:

    1. Boot up Clonezilla in default mode
    2. Select default language and keyboard configuration
    3. Start up Clonezilla (Start_Clonezilla)
    4. Select device-image option
    5. Select nfs_server option
    6. Select DHCP option
    7. Select nfs v2, v3
    8. Input Computer's A IP (
    9. Input Computer's A shared dir (/media/image)
    10. Press "Enter" to continue
    11. Select "Beginner" mode

    At this stage, i can't find the option "restoredisk". There are just "savedisk" and "saveparts" options which i belive won't help me in achieving what i want.

    I'm new at Clonezilla and maybe i'm missing something.

    Any help would be kindly appreciated.

  • Norman C-B-C
    Norman C-B-C

    I too have this issue ... I am using clonezilla-live-2.1.1-25-amd64.iso

    ... and by the time you get past the DHCP stage you only get 3 options :


    there is no intermediate step to select between savedisk and restoredisk

    Last edit: Norman C-B-C 2013-06-14
  • Norman C-B-C
    Norman C-B-C

    Same thing happens with the clonezilla-live-20130429-raring-amd64.iso

    I'm doing this on an HP XW6400 XEON Workstation.

  • I found out that the image directory should be a sub-directory of the NFS shared directory:

    NFS Shared dir on Computer 1: /media
    Image dir: /media/image

    After modifying /etc/exports , restarting NFS server and rebooting Clonezilla (on step 9 i inputted: /media) i finnaly got the restoredisk option enabled.

  • Steven Shiau
    Steven Shiau

    When you run "drblpush -i", it warns you not to use /media, /tmp... directories (they are tmpfs) as image repository. So...