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#173 Bug/Feature request to restore one drive in multiple-drive image to a different drive


Hi Steven,

  1. I'm using Clonezilla off a Parted Magic CD dated 2012_03_024 (which is either the PM release date or the date I burned it).

  2. I'm trying to restore to a new system drive on a RHEL5 system.

  3. This system (at Dell T7500) has 5 drive spread over 2 banks of SATA ports. The first pank has 4 ports. I guess the 2nd bank has a 3-4 more. This always introduces a very confusing mapping of the drives letters as seen by the native RHEL5 with the drive letters as seen by Clonezilla off the Parted Magic CD. As I understand it, the Parted Magic linux (running in RAM) starts lettering the drives in what the native RHEL5 considers to be the 2nd bank of SATA ports, so that is why the letter is not consistent.

  4. Because of the reordering of the drive letters in #3. I need to refer to what was the system drive for the native RHEL5 system as sdb when I do the restore (instead of caling it sda).

I have the backup on the remote NAS which I have NO trouble connecting to. I hormally mount the NAS at /home/partimag and do my saves and restores of local drives without needing to set /home/partimag in Clonezilla.

Here's my problem:

P1. To be safe, I only connect the new system drive during the restore. BUT, Clonezilla (at least the version on the PM disk) will NOT let me restore sdb (off a multiple-disk image) to the local drive of sda. Instead, it forces you to keep the drive letters matching (evidently, this was done for safety, so users don't inadvertly switch the backup to a different drive.)

P2. To work around P1, I've been inserting another drive (the dying system drive) into what the PM disk sees as sda such that the new replacement drive can be at what the PM disk sees at sdb. Then Clonezilla then gives me the choice of choosing sda or sdb as the drive image to restore (because now I have two local drives connected) and I can restore to sdb. Actually, all this works fine EXCEPT clonezilla don't clone the "boot loader" from the backup onto sdb. I guess this is happening either because it saw the drive as sdb at the time it backed it up, OR because it saw the destination drive as sdb at the time it restored it, so it didn't offer to (and doesn't automatically) restore the boot loader. The effect of this is that all partitions are copied to the new drive, but the boot loader is NOT written there and the system won't boot.

So what am I asking for?

Well I'd be happy with any advice to make this easier. Here's what I've thinking:

(1) ELIMINATE the 5th drive on this system on the 2nd bank of SATA port (and never configure a system over 1 bank of SATA ports again). But it isn't my system, and the owner doesn't want to eliminate a drive.

(2) Do all backups one drive at a time. Ugh, I don't want this since it's 5 times as many backups.

(3) Hmmm, maybe disconnect the 5th drive and back up the other 4 drives as sda, sdb, sdc, and sdd. Then do a separate backup with only the 5th drive connected to an image with an sde label. Yeah, wouldn't be too bad and would avoid the remapping of the drive letters.

Okay, here's my bug/feature_request:

Please allow users to select which drive image out of a multiple drive images gets restored and then let them choose the destination drive. The is part of the problem I had above, and it would STILL BE a problem in what I propose a solution, since I still couldn't restore a drive from a 4-drive image without having all 4 drive connected unless you make this change to Clonezilla.

Yeah, I know you can do that for a single drive image to a different local drive (I've used that and it worked great). So that problem would be solve if I back up each drive separate. The that's painful to backup up each drive separately. At least with this version of Cloneizlla that I used, I could NOT choose a single image and restore it to a DIFFERENT local drive (not even with expert mode). Yeah, that would help me out and others too I'm sure.

Why do I want that? Because with all the trouble I've had with drive letter changing, I don't want to connect perfectly good drives when I restore an image to a new replacement drive. I only want to connect the new replacment drive. Then I know I can't copy over a good drive by accident.

Okay, thanks for all your work with Clonezilla!


  • Steven Shiau
    Steven Shiau

    Let's isolate the problem. Since we do not maintain the PM version.
    Please try Clonezilla live 20130425-raring or 2.1.1-7, and see if the same issue is reproducible.