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> Common Lisp Hackers, 
> I am a newbie with just over one year experience in Web development.
> Everywhere I read about the power of lisp and really want to use it. 
> It is very easy to get sites running using ASP .NET, wordpress, RoR
> or Django. I have worked on production sites using the first two. And
> personally tried on small projects on the last two.
> I know there are CL frameworks out there. But can someone please help
>  me about the best maintained one. 
> I really want to use CL professionally if it is so good and even
> contribute to the frameworks in any small manner possible. 

It's definitely quite possible and easy to write web sites in Common

But this mail list is probably not the best place to ask, it's about a
specific CL library (clocc), and it's rather very low traffic.

You'd have more answers asking on news:comp.lang.lisp
or on irc://
( or on irc:// )
or on the lispweb mail-list:

You can also have a look at in particular:

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