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Hg Log

Commit Date  
[da8f14] (RELEASE-3-4i) by cvs2hg

fixup commit for tag 'RELEASE-3-4i'

2004-02-10 15:28:23 Tree
[b63f36] by marcoxa

ChangeLog updated.

2004-02-10 15:28:22 Tree
[5eb984] by marcoxa

Fixed initialization of extensions in presence (or not) of language
definition. (Thanks to Raymond Toy for finding this out.)

2004-02-10 15:19:02 Tree
[f651ab] by sds

merged with clisp

2004-02-06 18:22:19 Tree
[6eedbc] by pvaneynd

we don't need sudo anyway

2004-02-05 06:11:31 Tree
[cf680d] by sds

gnuplot link fix

2004-02-02 23:42:38 Tree
[323e48] by pvaneynd

common-lisp-controller (3.84) unstable; urgency=medium

* The spool directory should be world-writable to be any good!
This could cause problems for real users and possibly build daemons.

-- Peter Van Eynde <pvaneynd@debian.org> Mon, 2 Feb 2004 16:40:31 +0100

common-lisp-controller (3.83) unstable; urgency=low

* cleanup wrongfully compiled files from previus versions.

-- Peter Van Eynde <pvaneynd@debian.org> Wed, 24 Dec 2003 14:35:00 +0100

2004-02-02 15:41:03 Tree
[c1bdbb] by marcoxa

Release number upped to 3.4i.

2004-02-01 19:21:30 Tree
[666f91] by marcoxa

README file updated.

2004-02-01 19:20:55 Tree
[2d2758] by marcoxa

ChangeLog updated.

2004-01-31 22:14:44 Tree
[67464d] by marcoxa

Made changes to FIND-SYSTEM to accommodate foreign systems. Also made
FIND-SYSTEM signal a MISSING-SYSTEM condition instead of using the
simple condition machinery.

2004-01-31 22:11:21 Tree
[be3860] by marcoxa

ChangeLog updated.

2004-01-24 19:54:45 Tree
[fe2c9b] by marcoxa

Added and exported some specialized contidions for missing system
Changed slightly (in a backward compatible way) the way a system is
looked up in a directory tree. Now (MK:FIND-SYSTEM "foo") will also
find 'foo/foo.system' -- provided that the directory 'foo' is visible
from the registry.

2004-01-24 19:48:47 Tree
[730195] by marcoxa

Added three conditions to improve support for NEW-REQUIRE.

2004-01-23 16:59:15 Tree
[4f4fd5] (REL-1-1) by cvs2hg

fixup commit for tag 'REL-1-1'

2004-01-21 15:31:03 Tree
[20b5e1] by marcoxa

ChangeLog updated.

2004-01-21 15:31:02 Tree
[e171a6] by marcoxa

Updated slightly.

2004-01-21 15:30:07 Tree
[367938] by marcoxa

Changed the installation procedure. Now CL-ENVIRONMENT loads just by
loading the `loader' file.

2004-01-21 15:29:36 Tree
[487782] by marcoxa

Changed the INSTALLATION instructions.

2004-01-21 15:28:48 Tree
[c62aea] by marcoxa

Cleaned up the definition to reflect the newest MK:DEFSYSTEM features.
Also changed the copyright notice.

2004-01-21 15:28:22 Tree
[9e3a1a] by airfoyle

Comment out redundant file-load note

2004-01-18 13:22:46 Tree
[557531] by airfoyle

Fixed module-slurp -- really

2004-01-17 21:06:54 Tree
[5b6a04] by airfoyle

Fixed module-slurp in depend to avoid looking inside modules
when slurping in :header-only mode

2004-01-17 17:30:34 Tree
[f6287d] (ytools-1-2) by cvs2hg

fixup commit for tag 'ytools-1-2'

2004-01-14 02:54:37 Tree
[4168d7] by airfoyle

Committing to ytools-1-2

2004-01-14 02:54:36 Tree
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